About Us

For pet lovers, by pet lovers.

After weeks of research - both into our own experiences with our pets, as well as the struggles faced by pet other owners - we embarked on a journey with one goal in mind: making pet ownership easy. We slowly started to ramp our business after gaining some initial traction within the community. Eventually, we quit our day jobs, and launched Pawdini™ full time. Pawdini™ is an online-first pet store dedicated to the items you wished you had for your furry-ones, at prices that actually make sense. 

We see pets as individuals of the family, so our wish is to give customers products that can give these family members a healthy, and fun life. At Pawdini™, we believe the key to our success is empathy towards pet owners: taking a pause and putting ourselves in their position - really seeing it from their lens - before coming up with solutions that can enable worry-free futures as pet-parents.

Taking the pain out of pet ownership!

Customers have told us that our Pawdini™ Pet Nail Grinder has not only helped save money and trips to the groomer, but has also enhanced their confidence as pet owners. Our customer reviews and feedback fuel our passion to make a difference on a continuous basis, so stay tuned for more products.

Email us anytime - we are highly responsive and love our customers.